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Forward Application

3 minute read

Previously we built up compositions of functions. These created piplines to pass data through. The data though is always an after thought though. Semantic...

Forward Composition

1 minute read

In the previous post I “remixed” a portion of the composition chapter in the Mostly Adequate Guide. While reading that chapter and later translating the dir...

Functional Husbandry

3 minute read

This is part of a remix of the Mostly Adequate Guide (Chapter 5). I have translated examples into swift and updated text where appropriate.

Setup Gitlab Runner for an Xcode Project

2 minute read

Setting up a gitab runner on a mac is fairly straightforward and the official documentation is actually quite good. It does involve bouncing around a few pla...

Development Tools

1 minute read

I recently had to update my machine and realized I never really had a list of tools that I use. I would reach for a tool and when it wasn’t there go and ins...