Passionate software engineer with extensive experience in mobile and web application development. Strong desire to work with great people to build amazing products backed by clean code.

Work History

1999 - Present


4/20 - Present
Senior Staff Software Engineer

  • Drove architecture changes that improved testability, code reuse and performance while reducing cognitive overhead
  • Introduced a composable caching framework that replaced legacy persistence logic
  • Reviewed changes in entire mobile org on both a strategic ( architecture board ) and tactical ( code reviews ) levels
  • Mentored as both technical lead for feature teams and through one on one mentorship

Now Mobile, ServiceNow Agent

Zillow Group

7/18 - 4/20
Principal Software Engineer

  • Architected a platform for rapid development of rentals features in iOS consumer apps
  • Built automation tools saving several hours of weekly engineering time
  • Established a CI/CD pipeline that was later adopted by the entire division
  • Actively involved technical leadership discussions and learning groups (book clubs, etc)
  • Maintained responsibilities of Senior Engineer

2/16 - 7/18
Senior Software Engineer

  • Improved performance and reliability of the Premier Agent app significantly, rating increased from 2.0 to 4.7 stars
  • Built key features for the Agent app, making it one of the most competitive real estate CRMs.
  • Rewrote core architecture components (Data, Networking, Routing)
  • Mentored team through code review, pair programming and book clubs

trulia.com, Trulia Real Estate App, Trulia Rentals App, premieragent.zillow.com, Premier Agent App

Roambi (Mellmo Inc)

7/15 - 1/16
Senior iOS Developer

  • Overhauled Roambi Analytics UI to support adaptive layouts taking full advantage of split view and multitasking features of new iOS devices
  • Streamlined document manager, improving performance and reliability

roambi.com, Roambi Analytics

Tealium Inc

7/14 - 7/15
Mobile Software Engineer

  • Architected mobile library solutions for Tealium web products
  • Improved and maintained leading iOS Tag Management library
  • Developed library of reusable components increasing maintainability of existing and future products

tealium.com, Collect Library , TiQ Library, iOS Utiities

Mobile Systems Inc

6/12 - 7/14
iOS Developer

  • Created custom editor for Microsoft Word documents
  • Implemented custom library of reusable UI controls
  • Ported successful Android Office document editing application to iOS

mobisystems.com, OfficeSuite Pro

Mobile Development Consultant

1/11 - 6/12
Freelance iOS & Web Developer

  • Created iOS application for controlling & monitoring home appliances
  • Engineered award winning iOS spatial reasoning game for children
  • Maintained job matching system for 65,000 union carpenters

Kana Trace, P.O.V, Mobile Distortion, Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Silvergate Software

3/08 - 8/11
Application Developer

  • Implemented online logistical management solutions
  • Produced agile database integration software for U.S. Navy
  • Administered local and remote computer networks and servers


4/07 - 1/08
Web Developer

  • Developed object-oriented, database-driven social networking application
  • Hand-coded standards-compliant GUI front-end
  • Transitioned a functional demo to high-performance website

The Marketing Team LLC

10/05 - 3/07
Web Developer

  • Produced web standards based websites
  • Worked with lead designer on site layouts; production design work
  • Administrated the hosting and email servers

Thinkbug Interactive Inc

3/01 - 3/02

  • Developed inventory management system for hotels
  • Programmed modular content management applications
  • Managed remote servers for client websites


8/99 - 8/00
Lead Programmer

  • Development of dynamic content delivery software
  • Managed strategic programming for Fortune 500 websites
  • Trained and supervised junior programmers


A developers skills should not be summed up as a laundry list… one merely grabs the right tool for the job. However I have worked with the following:


  • Mobile
    • Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Combine, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text, Core Data, Cocos2d, UIKit Dynamics, Networking
  • Full Stack
    • Server Side
      • Python, Ruby, PHP , CFML ( ColdFusion, Railo, OpenBD ).
    • Database
      • SQL ( MySql, MSSQL ).
    • Client Side
      • Actionscript 3 ( Flex Framework ), Javascript, CSS, XHTML.

Systems Administration

  • Linux
    • Debian Based: Apache 2, Passenger (mod_rails), Tomcat, CFML Servlet Engines ( Adobe ColdFusion, Railo 3.1, Open BD).
  • Windows
    • Windows Server 2003 / 2008: IIS, MS SQL Server 2005 / 2008, Adobe ColdFusion 7 - 9

Production Design

Adobe PhotoShop


XCode, GIT & SVN Source Control, MS Office Suite, Various Text Editors, SSH Clients.