Development Tools

1 minute read

I recently had to update my machine and realized I never really had a list of tools that I use. I would reach for a tool and when it wasn’t there go and install it. There are likely many more robust lists of ios/mac software tools out there but these are the ones I find myself using at least once a month if not daily.


  • Xcode gets better and better each year. I’ve flirted with AppCode a few times but always go back to Xcode. Since the rewrite of the core engine in swift the editor has really grown into a proper IDE with most of the conveniences of a Jetbrains quality product.
  • VSCode strikes that balance beteen text editor and IDE that I’m growing to appreciate more and more each day. For most of my non apple platform writing I tend to lean on VSCode.

Source Control

  • Tower git client that has saved me countless hours.
  • Kaleidoscope beautiful diff and merge tool.

API Tools/Proxies

  • Charles HTTP proxy, invaluable for debugging networking in apps. The addition of an iOS app makes on device debuging that much easier.
  • Postman is a great for exploring, document and debuging API calls


  • SimPholders for easy inspecting of the installed app bundles on iOS simulators. Integrates nicely when used with FUSE.
  • Soulver easy calculations, faster than a spreadsheet, more powerful than a calculator.
  • iStat Menus monitors and records your mac’s performance. Between Xcode and the legion of electron apps invading the mac its hard to know what is slowing your machine down.


  • Fira Code monospaced font with programming ligatures


  • Deckset write presentations in markdown
  • OmniGraffle crafting graphics, flow charts and wireframes